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Patti Franklin Chavis 

Honorary Nonna and founder

Founder of Italian For Fun, Patti Franklin Chavis has been speaking and singing professionally in Italian since the age of 19.  Born in an Italian neighborhood of upstate New York, it was destiny for Patti to connect with Italy.  She became a widow in 2021, but happily remarried to John David Chavis as of February 2023.

Patti studied in Europe and then served with a Christian organization for many years, both in Italy and India.  She then lived and worked in the music business for another ten years while living in Torino, Northern Italy. Patti recently retired as director at Italian For Fun! and she now dedicates her time as a travel agent, organizing tours to Italy for tourism and ministry teams.  She occasionally tutors “Italian for Travelers” Classes in Murfreesboro, TN.  Patti can be reached by email at: 

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