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You will learn how to introduce yourself and others, talk about where you are from, describe yourself and others, order food and drinks in a café, book a hotel room and talk about leisure activities. The main grammar topics covered are gender and number of nouns, articles and adjectives, irregular verbs essere (to be) and avere (to have), regular -are, -ere, -ire verbs, idiomatic expressions with verb avere (to have) and some irregular verbs. 


Lower Intermediate 

To join this level, you should have a good basic knowledge of the Italian language and its grammar. You will acquire new structures of the Italian grammar as the use of passato prossimo with modal verbs and/or with reflexive verbs, the verb piacere in the past tense, the imperfetto, direct pronouns and prepositions. The aim of this course is to give students a quite wide and stable vocabulary and to introduce them to some classical topics of Italian culture.


Post Beginner

This is the perfect course for students who have already studied the basics of the Italian language - or completed our Beginner 1 level - and would like to continue their journey into the language and culture. We will help you gain confidence and reinforce your speaking, listening and reading. You will cover two or three grammar topics among the following ones: present tense conjugation of regular verbs (-are, -ere, -ire), some irregular verbs, prepositions, modal verbs, reflexive verbs, passato prossimo and imperfetto.



This course has been created to speed up and consolidate the Italian language, to expand the vocabulary and to learn more complex grammar. Students who join this intensive course will discover more about the culture, history and beauty of Italy as they increase their fluency. Among the most common grammar topics covered in this course, there are conditional, subjunctive, concordance when you use indicativo, pronouns, verbi pronominali.


Upper Intermediate-Advanced 

If your goal is to reinforce more complex forms of grammar and use them in the everyday life and conversation, this is the right course for you. Speaking and discussion on generic topics will be conducted every day and students will enrich their vocabulary, learn new idioms and improve their fluency. Among the main grammar content, there are passive form, periodo ipotetico, verbi pronominali, modi indefiniti, verbi fraseologici, discorso indiretto. One or two of those topics will be covered in the course.

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