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"IFF classes are truly unique in the sense that the small  group setting provides almost a individualize learning opportunity while also providing an adult learning environment. The informal and relaxed setting is very appealing, while still covering a large amount of material through course manuals and work assignments. I appreciate the affordability of the courses and the accessibility to attend them in a schedule that is flexible to the participants. I would highly recommend this learning environment to anyone wanting to learn Italian. I hope to continue my studies within the IFFcourses once my schedule allows."


"I went on a trip to Italy and fell in love with the language (and all things Italian).  When I returned, a friend introduced me to IFF.  I have been back to Italy several times. I took classes on a weekly basis for about 10 years.  It is so much fun and I have really learned a lot.  I can carry on a basic conversation, feel comfortable traveling alone in Italy and that's without really investing a lot of time.  I have been back to Italy several times.  Knowing the   Learning the language is a hobby for me and I have met some wonderful people!  A group of ladies from my beginners class have become such good friends that we continue to get together regularly even though we are no longer studying together.  I would heartily recommend IFF to anyone who is interested in Italy and the Italian language.  It is fun, enriching and very economical."

Susan Brown 

"My husband  and I really enjoyed the introductory  class at the downtown location.  It was fun,  yet we learned a lot about pronunciation and some basic Italian before our first trip.  It helped us to be able to survive in the culture and whetted our appetite for more.  Patti is a knowledgeable teacher and made the class lots of fun.  I would recommend the class for anyone preparing for a trip to Italy!  Buon viaggio! " 

Judy and Bob

"I have been taking Italian for Fun with Patti Franklin, in preparation for my trip to Italy.  Patti is a wonderful teacher.  She spent many years in Italy, and brings this experience to the classroom  The materials presented are practical and useful.  The lessons are easy to follow, and clearly presented.  Patti takes the time to know her students and to answer all questions fully.  I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn the Italian language. " 

Charlotte Jones 

"From geography to train travel, from calendar to culture, language from alphabet to conversational Italian….this class is a must-do for those planning travel in Italy.  Classes are small enough for personalized instruction, and large enough for socializing and practicing with other students.  Patti Nelson is a wonderful teacher, always focusing on the positive and re-visiting topics as she judges the need.  Her knowledge of all things Italian make this class such a FUN night.  I really enjoyed practicing, doing some minimal “homework” and attending weekly classes.  I met several new friends, and I learned enough in just 12 weeks to feel comfortable traveling in Italy without an interpreter.  I highly recommend it for those looking to connect conversationally with those in Italy."

Angela Hayes 


"Italian for Fun" is more than just a class, it's a community. Patti creates a learning environment that is engaging and encouraging. I never though learning another language would be so enjoyable. Questions are welcomed, Italian snacks are allowed and laughter is a must. I would recommend this class to anyone.


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